Italian athletics is growing fast and we at Vosges want to take the opportunity to make part of this development and help in our own small way the movement that's being created. For this reason, as well as for the seriousness and passion that the team whose name we will shortly be quoting, we have decided to enter into a sponsorship relationship with one of the first Athletics teams in Italy to be able to give more support to the athletes, and to help them more in to enhance the qualities that
they already have and are proving to have. 

It is an honor for us to announce that we have established this relationship of support with the team ATLETICA BRESCIA 1950 ISPA GROUP, www.atleticabrescia1950.it/ a competitive club for years among the top five in the final championship and in the last 2 years, third a few points from the top positions in Italy in senior terms, while on youth terms, always among the top teams in the ranking. We were very impressed by how this team, in addition to professionalism and passion, cares a lot to help and put in the best condition their athletes, we are also very happy to begin this path to great goals. 
We at Vosges believe in sport, and you ?


We ask anyone interested to join with us so that everyone can support the team in question and bring this club on the top.
In addition to, as we are starting a relation of sponsorship, you may, in view of the tax return, donate your 5x1000 to this team at no. 02953290174. Long live the sport and who, in addition to practicing it, supports it !