VOSGES di MORENO BEGGIO is a company founded in 2004 that deals with the wholesale commercialization of ionic accelerators and catalysts for fuels. The company employs qualified professionals and collaborators through whom it guarantees a quality service that is accessible to all.
VOSGES di MORENO BEGGIO has set up a Quality Management System, in order to improve its management system and to become a guarantee of correctness and competence for customers and stakeholders, with an approach that focuses on satisfying customer requirements. In particular, the company is committed to pursuing the following objectives:


  • To identify amd meet the requirements of customers, users, local authorities and stakeholders;
  • To comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes;
  • To spread the culture of quality at various levels of the organisation and to prevent, through awareness-raising actions, empowerment and continuous training of employees;
  • To communicate its policy to all suppliers and those working for the organisation;
  • To keep the management system adequate, efficient and effective in order to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and/or constraints outside the organization.

In addition, VOSGES di MORENO BEGGIO is committed to ensuring transparency towards its customers during the provision of services, consulting the end users of the service and constantly monitoring the adherence of its work to the expected results.

VOSGES di MORENO BEGGIO employs qualified professionals, on whom it continuously checks to ensure that the service always meets expectations and does not compromise the final result of the activity.

Through its work, the aim is continuous customer satisfaction, from which it draws for constant improvement of its processes, its business management and its reputation in the area, in order to be increasingly competitive, competent and aware in an ever-changing economic world.