The ionic accelerators turn the harmful calcium carbonate into aragonite, material of the same chemical composition, but that it is not deposited neither in the pipes of adduzion of the water, neither in the domestic apparatuses that use (washers machine, dish washwers, etc).
Besides, after the installation of the ionic accelerator, treated water contributes to eliminate, with to spend some time, the previous encrustations pregresse in the pipelines.

Main applications NEW ARA :

Farms, bar, drinking troughs, boilers, dairies, condensers, condominiums, compressors, dehumidifiers, showers, evaporators, flower growing, steam ovens, steam generators, hotels, paper industries, chemical industries, heating systems, irrigation, bottle washers, laundries, dishwashers, coffee machines, industrial washing machines, ice machines, hospitals, solar panels, pasteurises, swimming pools, heat pumps, hot water producers, refineries, restaurants, heat exchangers, air conditioning systems, ice production systems, cooling systems, x ray development systems, photographic development systems, cooling towers, automatic car washes, humidifiers.